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// Executive Coach for Purpose-Driven Leaders
//❤️ Men's Work, Somatics, Tantra, Craniosacral
//🕺 Conscious Dance DJ & Facilitator
//💡 Serial Entrepreneur

Hello beautiful soul,

Welcome to my personal page.


I love to play at the intersection of community, entrepreneurship, and healing arts.

My biggest passion is the art of gathering humans for the purposes of connection and creativity. Ideally while moving vigorously to some great music. 

I consider myself forever a student of the embodiment and transformational arts. My work as a facilitator and guide incorporates a variety of modalities, including transformational coaching, somatic experiencing, craniosacral therapy, plant medicine, breath-work, shadow work, tantra, and dance.

Though I frequently fuck it up, I am committed to bringing presence, play and possibility to every moment, while embracing the unknown. 


Startups, Entrepreneurship & Coaching


My professional life has taken many twists and turns - from the trading floors of Wall Street to the tree-lined streets of Palo Alto, to the mountains of Colorado.


In my 20s I founded Guided - an organization that has coached thousands of employees through an innovative co-pay coaching-as-a-benefit model for organizations to empower and support their people.


I’ve also had the privilege of helping others birth some amazing things. I have been the executive coach to founding teams of startups that have raised over $25M, served on the board of multiple companies and been first or second investor at innovative companies like Bloom Credit and Focusmate


Last but not least - I have been a part of, and personally responsible for, a spectacular amount of failure. Which for better or worse has been how I learn best.


Freedom, Love, Purpose

These days I’m doing a lot of what I call "slowing down to the speed of life". I am dedicated to creating containers for the awakening of ecstatic life force in service of living lives of freedom, love and purpose.

My constant prayer is to follow my heart (even when my mind disagrees) and to be surprised by life. Luckily I have found these two go hand in hand. I was never very good at controlling life anyway. 




Emergence - The Mastermind: a six-month mentorship, mastermind, and brotherhood journey to fully embody alive, aligned, abundant power while reprogramming the nervous system, alchemizing core wounds, and harnessing erotic life force. Feel free to reach out to me directly or book a discovery call here.

Dance Meets Tantramonthly in-person immersions exploring the wonderful intersection of dance, tantra, contact improvisation and breathwork. Join us!

SNCTRY - a communal wellness experiment in abundance and the ancient technologies of water, wood, fire, and ice. Password = thrive

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